Zafar Project
“Zafar” street project is in a four-floor clerical building. This center is managed familially. The idea of utilizing the project, with home-office usage, was determined considering the employer’s understanding and working situation _for Ms. Employer who works hard from early morning till late night, (the necessity of) a resting-place, a sanctum or a private place which holds first and full-scale living facilities, yet is away from extra details, in a building with all family members, not only was missing but also, in our opinion, added something to the environment and work outcome. To reach the born environment, utilizing contemporary architecture features was the best choice for the intended concept; minimalism, at the same time, functionalism. “Home office” must be a place with home features in close and quick access to the office. It both needs to have all the facilities of a house and _does not. The choice of contemporary architecture concept, caused us to avoid any details or luxuriousness, but at the same time respecting the employer’s taste, her needs and concerns were quite basic for us. The design team needed to get familiarized with the employer’s life style and to do so, we had long meetings. Sometimes we got commensal and fellow travelers. And we gained/ arrived at some useful information through all these comings and goings and conversations. Each time, the information started from the employer’s wear, for instance her choice of shoes or purse or even her scarf’s patterning and color, and ends with serious definite questions. Reaching an un crowded, simple atmosphere with no marginal, and of course containing eye-catching lines and volumes in the light of material, color and finishing titled our job. Generally speaking, neutral unassuming colors covered the environment. We located only a few points as pause and contemplation spots. Sometimes with the silver wings of a floating angle, sometimes with a full-touch bed in a  simple white room and sometimes with style golden lines.


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