Sepanj Cafe Project
High-tech architecture is a method of architecture and industrial design which appeared in 1970 and combined modern elements of technology and industry. High-tech architecture emerged as a new face of modernism. The theories and essential in modern architecture and high-tech resemble each other in basics, but the two architectonic schools differ formally. In general, we can say that the simplicity in modern architecture does not exist in high-tech and if modern architects expose a car in their designs, high-tech architects expose the inside composition. Architects, optimistically, know this technological style as modernity’s great achievement, also as the most important factor in development  and progress in twentieth their opinion, the mental essence and feature of each era has been embodied in the architecture of that era and has tried to improve the idea by exposing the technology and process of construction.Clarifying, showing motion in the construction, using constituent and structure to raise new aesthetic tastes are the features of this style.Richard Rogers (one of the two architects of Pompido museum-Paris) says in an interview: “The ideas that we design, originate in our beliefs from many aspects, so we need to study a construction just like a book. To be readable, the process of its building must be visible. This is the way by which we design and we feel that this was done in the past, too. This is not something new, grand gothic cathedrals are clear examples. It’s very exciting when water babbles from downpipes.” …
Pompido center is one of the best examples of this style of architecture which correlates the internal and external  plates by unfolding technological structural parts and composition and introduces a new form of aesthetics.Nowadays, in interior design, the necessity of changing previous industrial locations to usable ones may be (kind of) follower of this style of architecture. In other words, the lives of our intelligentsia in attics, has changed this (form of) image to a kind of taste and aesthetics.Pure raw materials nearby shiny things and modern furniture is the glorification of the style of this form of composition. Ceiling is exclusively significant and plays the leading role.Here, form and function are equally valuable and against other styles of interior design which try to cover, this method insists on displaying all parts in the original structure and sometimes builds some frames which seem to be incomplete. Perhaps this method is a very suitable example of the combination of architecture and interior design. “Sepanj” café project following a kind of fashion which is common in Tehran cafes nowadays, shows its harmony with coffee’s third generation very well. A thought in which spending time for coffee gets important and, in little sizes, they mature and infuse delicately and artistically carefully. A thought in which brands fade away and farmers come to the fore instead, led the design team to the conclusion that using an industrial combination can be a suitable option for this situation. In the designing process, this combination got Iranized generally so that by provoking the addressee’s nostalgia it would manage to endear them.Of course, this site’s geographic situation in “Yousef Abad” street is notable.Using mirroring technique of mosques and shrines, covering a wall with cassettes which remind childhood memories and extracting old upper-crust houses’ chairs and combining them with modish furniture together with color scheme of gray and a line of red, have created an interesting harmony with industrial floor, concrete wall and exposed ceiling.Showing the installation and lighting in a facing way with a special composition and using raw colorless pipes in the ceiling attracts viewer’s attention. Considering the equality of form and function by applying metal plates and raw pipes in making some of the furniture and lighting, also using wood and metal mixture in making the counter and the bookshelf is one of the points taken into consideration by the design team.The design team tried to provide a suitable atmosphere for spending time by following the special features of this style and its harmony with familiar elements. Also the team tried to show their efficiency by performing some complex elements and create a pleasant feeling for the addressee in the place.


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