Cafe Postal
"Postal" cafe has been designed in an area of three meters width and twelve meters depth. We knew well that to revive a business estate and achieve the desired output, an interesting and ofcourse different theme must be treated in an area of this size. Despite different and practicable ideas that we had, we beilived that the people in this city are memory fanciers and love to wander in the past. With the majorities' comments, the nostalgic subject of "correspondence" was chose
An adorable but forgotten subject_a subject which used to be one of the routine doings years ago but nothing now... . The design team tried to revive this "nothing" by working on the idea. During treating the idea to be matured, the basic studies were also being sketched.
In "Postal" cafe, we are supposed to look back on the past_back to the days of writing letters, buying stamps, going to the yellow postboxes and leaving the envelope which started out a journey with a world of enthusiasm. 
This subject well-feeded the design team in subject provided the design team with a good feeding in choosing the forms, colors and forming the atmosphere of the enviornment. The main counter demonstrated a great many of yellow apartment postboxes. An elongated counter in a rectangular atmosphere became the prime mover in communicating with the customers and raising intimacy kinship and  warmth, just like handwritten letters. 
Because of emphasizing on the box-form of the space, we structured the kitchen parallel to the hall, thereby we achieved a square enviornment which associates letter boxes. We dug out the terra cotta walls again in order to maintain people's close relation with the building and added to their beauty by hanging old table lamps on them. We decorated "Postal" cafe's cursive logo onto the  entrance fascia with a postal yellow neon and within a completely Iranian frame, and we topped the composition off with green plant pots. Post office is supposed to  lay the nostalgic postbox infront of this cafe shortly to be the closure of the design.
When you came round to "Postal" cafe, the painted carrier pigeon on back-end wall, the green glass treed door of the kitchen, old bottles and classic chairs will take you to your sweet childhood days, when you washed your hands in the cafe's sink which is a bucket and prepared to eat your favorite meal, think about how much we have been lost in a mass of data and take a piece of paper and write a letter to yourself or a dear and be sure that it will be received.
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